Saturday, December 6, 2014

Today was a bad whistling day

Three weeks into my new job and I am still trying to find a better balance of everything in my life; puppies, ponies, Josh, Mom, housework.

I am not unhappy to say at least housework was the first to fall by the wayside. I know my priorities. Aside from doing enough laundry to prevent either of us from going to work naked, and maybe vacuuming once (fortunately Josh has stepped up his cleaning game), I have been tragically undomestic.

Josh and I have had a good amount of time together, and it looks like we're going to be able to keep our Thursdays off, which is great. Sundays (for which I get time and a half, for the first time in over a decade) are short shifts, so we'll get most of those, too. :)

I've been seeing my mom about once a week, with phone calls and texts in between. Granted, the last two times we hung out was for Christmas shopping, but 'tis the season, right? She is one of the only people I can go shopping with, probably because she knows even before I do when I am done (I have a rather short shopping fuse). Of course this means I still need to get her gifts, although we are only exchanging stockings this year. Her and Ron's main gift was a trip to NYC to see the Rockettes, which has come and gone. Oh, and an ergonomic snow shovel, which they also got early. Ooh, exciting. ;)

The part time barn job disintigrated, and I can't honestly say I'm upset. It was fine while it lasted, but I can only handle so many fucktards in my life, and when one is also a two-faced bitch...well, hasta la never. I finally got the money she owed me and I'm not looking back.
I have been riding a few days a week, helping my friend Natalie with her horse Comic. It's been going well, and it may even turn into other riding opportunities. Realistically, if I could sit on a horse 4 days a week I'd be thrilled. I am almost there.

This brings me to puppies. Sure, I make time for daily snuggles, and I try to keep up with Odie's demands for Ball Time. It's freezing? Let's play ball. It's raining? Let's play ball. It's 11pm? 5am? Let's play ball. But it's been tough for both of us to go from lots of time together all summer to me being gone all. the. time. Hopefully the rain predicted for Tuesday holds off and we can go on a long overdue trip to the park. I need my fuzzy adventure time.

Lastly, Christmas. I'm feeling more festive, and so much less stressed than last year. I am just about done shopping, soon to start wrapping. We got our tree this week and plan to decorate tomorrow. I will bake my traditional cranberry oatmeal cookies, plus one or two other concoctions. Those reindeer are not taking me down this year. I've got this.

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