Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just for kicks...

If I've said it once I have said it a hundred times: I am trying to find inspiration to write more.  Today I will post a few older pieces since I don't have anything recent to share. 

Disclaimer: I wrote this LONG before the stupid Twilight epidemic.  As I reread it, I realize the first paragraph is a bit vampire-y.  Please do not be fooled, I would be much quicker to fall in love with a zombie and write poetry about how sexy he looked with brains in his teeth.

**Eighty-Eight Keys**
Never knew I'd hate windows so much
As when I was with you
An unfortunate opportunity to be
Surrounded by the sun
As much as I sought the refuge of the night
I can't hide in the shadows forever
Look back to where this all began
Can't you see what a mess we both were?
I was coughing up old feelings
You just needed to feel anything at all
But it's once in a lifetime, the ideal home
And when it's lost, it's gone forever
This is something you don't want to hear
But it has to be said
Regardless of how much I love you
I can't put myself through that again
I turned a blind eye on the heartaches
In hopes that our love really would overcome
All the troubles but despite my best efforts
I say to you now that
My dear, we are done
We can never go back to what we had
Before the rug got pulled out from under
Could we have made it in a perfect world?
Sometimes I can't help but wonder

**Fool's Gold**
Tongue sharper than her eyes
You figured that she wouldn't see
The truth of your deception
Just outside of her perception
Each time you lay down with your lies
A piece of her soul dies
And even if you told the truth
It wouldn't serve as a release
'Cause she is so in love
That she'd suspend her disbelief
It's time you made a choice
So lay your heart down on the line
Contemplate reality
Or perpetuate duality
You didn't mean to make her suffer
Was it you couldn't get enough or
Did you hate to just leave well enough alone
She saw you out the other night
Rendezvous in the moonlight
She can't take it anymore
'Cause she's so fed up with lies
She'll wipe the teardrops from her face
And she's leaving you this time

**Curtain Call**

You thought it might be fun
Stack one more block upon the tower
But like the child that you are
You never imagined it would topple over

He held the balance carefully
Grasping for any available traction
Ironically, he was in traction the whole time
A marionette in your cheap rendition

And then, at once, a crash, a blow
You are responsive but irresponsible
If you can't untie the knot, then
Sweetheart, cut the damn rope

Don't look back over your shoulder
You should know it's impolite to stare
Your time is up, he's called your bluff
Guess no one ever taught you to play fair

If you're still feeling confused
It's just the conflict you create
Go ahead and fade into the shadows
Please, let this fall away

Okay, that's enough for now.  There goes what, five minutes of your life?  You'll never get that back.  Thank you for spending it here.  Carry on.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

This is a commercial post.

I suppose it's not the worst thing in the world to blog so sparingly.  After all, the two people who read this are people I talk to on a daily basis anyway.  However, the whole point of resurrecting this thing was to write more.  I was feeling bad for myself the other day (some work-related crap, nothing major), so I took out a copy of my book and thought, "Hey, I don't suck.  According to my mom, Kinkos, and possibly six other people, I am a published author."  So while I don't do New Year's resolutions, one of my goals for 2014 is to write more.  Really, to learn how to write when my brain's not fucked up, because I've been rather happy lately and it's doing absolutely nothing for my poetry.

So far this year I have been working with Miss Lucy a lot on the ground, utilizing my new rope halter skills I learned from Maddy.  I have always had a good feel for a horse once I am in the saddle, but this girl's in hand work is amazing and I am continuing to learn from her.  Thanks to this newfound quiet Lucy, I have started riding bitless in either the rope halter or the sidepull.  I did not think, when I started riding this mare, that I would be riding her in a halter and lead, or that she would let me rub her face and kiss her ears (!!!!).  Such a proud auntie.  :)

Work is, well, work.  I like my job, I work with some great people, and I am being very proactive in keeping the lines of communication open between myself and the managers.  Just when I think that they do not notice all I do, someone (actually, a few people) step up and have my back.  I really appreciate the gesture.

My dog continues to be the cutest dog on the planet, but his neurotic (lack of) eating habits have led me to mix a few spoonfuls of yogurt into each meal so that he will actually consume the food.  I am not sure if it's my new schedule or the fact that he'd rather eat peanut butter toast (or both), but he needs to get through this phase before we leave for Disney so that I do not spend my whole vacation worried about my little fuzzball.

Okay, I shall now direct my full attention back to the Patriots game.  Does the title make more sense now?  God, I am so clever.  ;)