Saturday, November 16, 2013

This is Odie's World, I Just Live in It

Today has already been hectic.  I was up at 7, as per usual to feed my fuzzy alarm clock, but we also had a guy coming to look at the upstairs bathroom, where we are replacing the tub.  He gave me instructions on what to demolish, how, and in what order.  I took notes (actually, I drew a picture) for Josh, who was already at work.  So happy to be getting on with that project, as it's been stagnant for a while and we are anxious to finally finish our bathroom.

I had to bring Odysseus to the vet at 8:20 because he had a rash that he licked and chewed into a hotspot.  Poor thing, he's been obsessed with it.  He spent most of Thursday in a polo wrap so that he couldn't get to the area, then yesterday I found an old ace bandage, which he quickly learned how to unravel.  So, $93 later, he has two medications for which I had to make a handy dosing chart to hang on the fridge; it will be a family effort depending on who is home at the time.  I also talked to the vet about switching him to a grain-free food because he's so itchy all the time.  He has all pink skin and it's SO damn sensitive!  The vet tech recommended Rachel Ray Nutrish Zero Grain, so we will try that.  It's one of the more reasonably priced brands, and she does a lot for the welfare of animals, so I am happy to support it.

Thinking I had to work at 10:45, I got ready and for some reason decided to check my schedule to see if next week's had been posted yet.  It hasn't, but I realized I am not in until 11:30.  Thank God I didn't go in extra early, I have a long enough day as it is.  Today is my third training shift, they keep putting me on doubles that only count as one shift.  Yesterday 10:45 - 9, today 11:30 - 9.  But, I will not argue because the more I know, the better I will be once I am on my own.

Off I go to kiss my little puppalup goodbye for the day and ask him kindly not to eat things that don't belong to him (shoes, Kleenex, electrical cords).  Hopefully I will do my 30 days post later; if not, tomorrow is another day.

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