Friday, November 22, 2013

Back to making cents, but still not making sense.

In comparison with my rather laid back three weeks off, the past ten days have been crazy.  Hence the dearth of blog posts.  I started my new job on 11/12/13, which is fun in and of itself.  I really like it there and I think it's going to be a lucrative endeavor.  That said, I do not necessarily want to wait tables or tend bar my whole life, so when the opportunity arose to interview with a café that is opening nearby, I jumped on it.  I got the job, and will be starting in a entry-level position, but the GM thinks I will be able to advance to a supervisor rather quickly.  I am excited about the operating hours, the working conditions, the lack of alcohol (and therefore the lack of drunken assholes), and the predetermined pay rate.  I really hope it works out, but for now I am going to work part time at both places to be sure I am making the correct decision for myself.  I could totally use two incomes, anyway; I have some catching up to do in the cash flow department.

I missed a whole week of barn time due to an aggressive training schedule at the restaurant.  They wanted to cram my orientation plus eight training shifts into one week so that I could be on the floor as soon as possible.  I'm glad they did it that way, but I missed my barn friends and the ponies!  I did get to ride two days this week, one of which was a much needed trail ride.  I am SO fortunate to first of all have such a great horse to ride, and secondly have such an expansive network of trails literally in the backyard of her barn.  This situation could not have come at a better time (I swear, all things happen for a reason), and has been responsible for maintaining my sanity and happiness throughout an otherwise tumultuous couple of months.  To Kate and Maddy, since I know you read this, thank you so much for being your awesome selves.

As for that 30 Days of Thanks undertaking, at which I have been succeeding in failure (now there's optimism for ya!), I am resorting to a simple list.  I have fallen so far behind and I think it's partially because I feel compelled to elaborate on every item.  Since I am on a double tomorrow and don't forsee a post, here is the 15th through the 23rd by numbers (but in no particular order):

15. Brainstorming
16. A tidy house
17. Inspiration
18. Change (not the monetary kind, although that works, too)
19. A good plan, and the ability to throw it out the window
20. Comfortable shoes
21. Hot showers
22. Amazon (best holiday shopping site, ever)
23. eBay (because I am cheap and refuse to pay full price for anything)

Lastly, because I enjoy being random, here are some pictures that have nothing to do with this post.

Me and Sarah eating brain pizza at Panic in the Dark

This is why you should always pick your horse's feet.

Amazing picture Josh took of the stunt show at Disney 

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