Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blood Orange Julius Caesar Salad Spinner

I believe I left off about eleven months ago. But really, since I started blogging again last fall(ish), I only neglected a few months. I'm officially over it. For so long I have been so concerned with tracking every move with painstaking accuracy that more often than not it has stopped me from proceeding at all. I am going to try a new approach, in which I will write a framework and allow the reader's imagination to build the walls.
Today someone told me about a cross-country road trip he is planning, and my burning wanderlust was soothed only by a flood of a hundred memories. I am fortunate to have experienced not one but two cross-country trips with my mom, who is hands down the best travel companion in the world. I haven't forgotten; in fact, some memories are so vivid they could have happened last week, and all this without a single road journal.
My point is, I could stand to micromanage myself just a tad less. I was happiest when I flew by the seat of my pants, but now I have become analytical to a fault. Yay, anxiety! :(
Tonight I've got plans for a long overdue dinner with a good friend, and then a little excursion with Josh to a piano bar to watch our niece perform (and maybe get her autograph, which we will sell on ebay when she becomes famous).
In the meanwhile, I am going to take the pup for a walk and enjoy the best therapy there is...the four legged kind.
One day at a time.

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