Friday, January 9, 2015

Just a blip on the Walter O'Reilly

At first I was frustrated with myself for not just summarizing 2014 in one post and calling it a day. But here's the thing: I got overwhelmed trying to cram one year into a few paragraphs because A LOT happened and besides, anecdotes are more fun anyway. So I'll keep chipping away and then maybe with the better stories, I'll come back later for more detailed accounts. And voila! I have found a purpose for my blog.

To stay in present day for a moment, I will say I have been riding lately despite the Arctic Chill or whatever horror is happening outside. Comic has been wonderful for both Nat and myself; I am continually impressed at the brain that horse was blessed with. His canter is feeling more balanced, and his transitions are sharper every day. Once yesterday he stepped into the left lead from a walk on the first try. I was beyond proud of him, and of course I praised him to death. This horse loves when you talk to him, which is great for me; after spending years riding alone, one becomes an expert with one-sided conversations.

I'm feeling the weight of my to-do list at the moment, so I must try to use this last hour or so before work to be productive. Adios.

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